What’s the best luggage to travel with?

Whether you’re travelling for lengthy periods or just for short trips, a badly-made or poorly-chosen bag can play havoc with your experience. A sudden malfunction can cause significant delays, forcing you to make trips around cities or areas that you’re unfamiliar with in order to buy expensive replacements or to get something fixed. Cheap or expensive, there are some great options out there that will make your trip a whole lot smoother.

Carry on luggage

A bag for hand luggage is, often, all that is needed for holidays – providing a convenient way to carry clothing and essentials without the hefty costs that airlines attach to larger items. A hardcase provides that extra durability, though with some slight extra weight, and we’d recommend the Samsonite Fiero 28″ spinner (http://shop.samsonite.com/luggage/samsonite-fiero-28%22-spinner/55844XXXX.html) – an item that wheels beautifully, offers superb organisation through its internal dividers, and is made from strong, 100% scratch resistant polycarbonate. A TSA approved lock, meanwhile, provides top-notch security on your trip.

Sturdier, checked luggage options

If you’re travelling for a long time, or with your family, you may need to take checked luggage to provide that home-from-home that you need. Look no further than the Traveler’s Choice Tasmania three piece (http://www.travelerchoice.com/shop/tasmania-polycarbonate-expandable-spinners-luggage-suitcases-sets/), which offers the utmost in convenience (superb, reliable rolling motion) and security (internal tie-tapes for securing belongings, three dial combination locks). A great one for enviably long holidays and one-way-ticket adventures.

Duffle bags

For a stylish duffel bag for the individual’s trip – the Cenzo Leather Weekender (http://cenzobags.com/product/cenzo-leather-duffle-bag/) is the ultimate. Offering beautiful materials through its brown, Italian leather, and practicality through its floor to floor zip, this duffle is a roomy, elegant carry on, perfect for making a impact whilst holding plenty of items.

Whatever the type of luggage, you’ll want to make sure it gets their safely and securely every time.  Take a look at our How It Works page to find out just how easy a luggage delivery service can be.

What’s the best luggage scale?

When you get to the airport, packed and ready to go on your relaxing holiday, there’s nothing worse than discovering you need to pay extortionate excess baggage fees because you’ve not weighed your luggage. For every kilogram that you have exceeded your luggage limit by, a hefty fee will be charged to you, putting a dampener on your holiday spirit. Surely you’d rather reserve that money for some souvenirs or an extra couple of cocktails by the beach?

How can I weigh my luggage?

While there are scales located at the check-in desks at the airport, by then it’s likely too late, unless you’re planning to unpack your cases in front of everyone. There is an easy remedy though, as luggage scales can be purchased for a reasonable price online. This one came up as highly rated on Amazon (at the time of writing).  Many of these are portable and digital; simply attach your baggage to the hook and a clear reading will be displayed. If you don’t fancy buying a portable scale, you could even try weighing your luggage on normal bathroom scales.

How can I avoid excess baggage fees?

If you really do need to take large amounts of luggage with you, don’t be unprepared and get a shock at the airport. You could ship your luggage direct with www.firstluggage.com. With the option to ship all over the world, you can have your bags ready and waiting for when you arrive.

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What’s the best luggage brand?

If you travel a lot, it’s important to make sure you have high quality luggage to withstand the strain of excessive handling and aircraft movement. The length of your flight will affect the style and type of luggage you buy, as will whether your travel is for business or leisure. Below are three of the best luggage brands available to suit a range of purposes and budgets.


Widely renowned as one of the best, premium brands on the market, most Samsonite cases come with a length warranty and are lightweight, durable and strong. The Cosmolite cases are among the best examples, with luxury curves and four-wheel design to make for easy movement. They are well worth the hefty price tag and are sure to survive even the bumpiest of flights.

Luggage X

Another brand that prides itself on its high durability, claiming to be ‘virtually indestructible’ but with a lower price tag, is Luggage X. These cases come in large sizes, and are suitable for longer trips requiring more baggage. The shell is incredibly tough and comes in a range of colours, so you can be sure not to lose your case at baggage claim.


Renowned for its chic style, Antler luggage is light and durable while maintaining a fashionable design. They have a range of trendy cabin-sized baggage and larger cases. While these come at a price, you’ll be sure to turn heads with these hard-wearing, stunning cases.

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What’s the best luggage for international travel?

Choosing the correct luggage to travel with internationally is a fundamental aspect of making sure that your trip is simple and manageable. There are plenty of options on the market to suit all budgets and needs.

When researching luggage options, there are a couple of things to bear in mind to make a well-informed decision. These may include the sturdiness, purpose and dimensions of your ideal luggage. The material that the luggage is made of is also a crucial aspect to consider. Although luggage varies in price, it is always best to buy a more expensive item that will last, rather than a cheaper item which could break within a couple of uses.

Soft side cases such as polyester are the cheapest but less durable option. Nylon should last longer than polyester though as it is stronger, lightweight and a lot more flexible. The positives of these materials is that they are lighter, so will not add a great deal to your luggage allowance limit.

A hard side case is possibly the best option for long journeys due to the amount of transfers that your luggage is likely to go through. Although these cases are easily scratched, your personal belongings will be much safer.

A two wheeled case can be hefty to pull around, however the wheels are much sturdier than those on four wheeled cases. The latter is much easier to pull as there is no force needed, yet damage may be caused to the wheels if dragged along uneven flooring.

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