7 of the Most Unique Beaches in the World

Whether it is a family holiday, a romantic trip for two or travelling to find yourself, beaches serve as universal gathering points for all walks of life. We have compiled a list of 7 of the most unusual beaches across the globe to transform the conventional beach experience into an unforgettable one.

1. Glass Beach, California

What was once a dumping ground for discarded bottles has now been turned into an eclectic selection of shiny glass pebbles and now a highly popular tourist attraction

2. Vaadhoo Island Beach, the Maldives

From blue skies in the day to blue light after dusk – the phytoplankton on this beach in the Maldives pave an ethereal trail for a late night rendevouz

3. Papakolea Beach, Hawaii

This earthy beach is one of only four green sand beaches in the world. Olivine, known to locals as ‘Hawaiian Diamond’, is a component that was deposited by the volcanic eruption around 50,000 years ago

4. Pig Beach, The Bahamas

Sun, sea, sand and… Swimming pigs? On the uninhabited island of Big Major Cay, tourists can swim with the famous feral pigs that frolic in the Bahamas’ clear waters – it still remains a mystery how the pigs first came to populate the island

5. Punaluu, Hawaii

A sanctuary for endangered Green Sea Turtles, the stunning tropical black shore of Punaluu seems almost otherworldly. Day trip to Mars, anyone?

6. Shell Beach, Australia

Shell Beach spans over 50 miles of Shark Bay, and its sands are made entirely of cockle shells. For those who can’t visit the seaside without expanding their shell collection, this pearly beach is not to be missed

7. Maho Beach, St Maarten

Whilst this may initially appear like a conventional beach for holidaymakers, it does not take long for visitors to realise exactly what makes this Caribbean beach so unique. A haven for plane spotters, but definitely not for the faint-hearted

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