Make your next Eurostar trip the best ever

There is no doubt that London and Paris are two of the world’s greatest cities, and thanks to the wonderful invention of the Eurostar, travelling between them has never been quicker or easier. When you are over in Europe on a trip from the States, it is a fantastic time-saver to be able to hop on the train at London’s St Pancras and be walking out at the Gare du Nord in Paris in three hours.

The only thing that can slow down the process is having to look after your own heavy baggage. Unlike the Golden Age of Travel when every American in Paris could rely on a fleet of porters to cope with their trunks and valises, these days, the burden of luggage is often a huge hassle. Not only is it awkward to get on and off the train, it has to be stowed, and then dealt with all over again on arrival. Having to cope can cause anxiety and lessen the pleasures of the journey.

Eurostar have recognised this inconvenience, especially for their American customers who may be over for a few weeks’ vacation in Europe and carrying quite a lot of bags. They have teamed up with Euro Luggage Delivery to completely solve this problem. Stress-free door-to-door luggage collection means you can travel completely hands-free, and your bags will be waiting for you. The same-day service between London and Paris, and vice versa, is completely safe and reliable and luggage can be tracked at all times. It doesn’t matter if you are staying in the Ritz or in an Airbnb, whatever the destination, you are free to make your own way and find your luggage ready to unpack.

London, Paris, and many of the other famed European capitals offer superb opportunities for shopping. No-one wants to resist the lure of exceptional merchandise, whether for investment or simply for souvenirs. Worrying about what will fit into your suitcases to take back is no longer an issue when you book with luggage collection and delivery. Most items can be sent, and door-to-door means exactly that; whether it’s a hotel, a home or a place of work address you submit. Make your next trip to Europe even more enjoyable and send your bags on ahead.

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