How to front up at film festivals in faultless fashion

Whether it is a once a year trip to Cannes, or an ambitious attendance at all the world’s high-profile film festivals, there is no doubt that packing for the event will require a great deal of care and attention. A red-carpet premiere requires an eye-catching and awesome outfit that will capture the attention of the press. During the day, screenings, interviews, meetings and networking demand impeccable style and possibly a few changes. These are not occasions to be travelling lightly. It is better to err on the side of caution and take more clothes than is strictly necessary, so as to be able to adapt to the climate and any spontaneous opportunities which may crop up on the circuit.

Different festivals call for different approaches. Sundance in Utah in January is famously cold. It will be imperative to take a warm outer coat that can easily be slipped off as you go in and out of the various venues. Many festival-goers like to combine their trip with a spot of skiing. As ski equipment and attire tends to be bulky and cumbersome, you really don’t want to be lugging that with you en route to the hotel. Far better to arrange to get it sent on ahead with a luxury travel delivery service.

Gowns, jewellery, tuxedoes and high heels are de rigueur for these glamorous international events but you will also need an array of smart casuals, and in cities like New York, Venice, Berlin or Toronto, there is an elite of the well-dressed and urban chic. The film business is all about appearances and if you are representing a movie in any capacity, you need to present yourself as an ambassador for the brand. Whether you are a film star or not, you can travel like one with a large stack of luggage, and be prepared for the paparazzi on any corner. Getting these bags pre-delivered also allows for assistants or hotel staff to hang garments, or press them, meaning you can hit the ground running on your arrival.

One item you will want to keep on your person is a watch. With a hectic schedule and many different timings to adhere to, it is much easier to glance at your wrist in a darkened cinema than to check your phone.

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