What you need to know about…Travelling with Pets

If you’re going abroad on an important trip – whether it’s for a holiday, a family event or any other non-work trip – you might enjoy it more if you’ve got your beloved pet with you. In fact, it might be something you need to factor in, because you may not have any other choice.

If that’s the case, then most airlines will accommodate most domestic pets. However, there are a few things to think about before you book your tickets.

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Please take me with you!

Do they really need to go?

Do you crave your pet’s company so much that you can’t do without them? Will they be more distressed at home without you than they would at getting on a plane? Weigh up your options before you book anything, so you know whether they need to come with you or not.

What does the vet say?

Have your pet checked out by a vet before you go, to ensure that they’re fit to fly. The vet may also recommend some ways to keep your pet calm and well-behaved during the flight.

Check your destination

Some countries are extremely strict about animals coming into the country, and others less so. Find out what the law is in your chosen destination before you try to take your pet with you, otherwise you could find yourself in hot water.

Find out re-entry conditions

If you’re taking your pet away and plan on bringing them back again, find out what the re-entry regulations are for bringing the back into the country. Will they need to be quarantined? Do they have to be wormed? There are some laws specifically aimed at making sure only disease-free pets come back into the country, even if they started out here in the first place.

Speak to the airline

Every airline has their own policy for flying with pets, so speak to your airline first or go onto their website to see what their specific guidelines are.

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