The Perfect Luggage for your Cruise


Of all forms of luxury travel, cruise packages are the most logistically complex in terms of luggage. You’ll be packing for different cultures and climates, with everything from casual wear to a tux, in order to cover all eventualities.

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Life on the ocean wave!

Usually, you’ll arrive at the departing port a day or two before boarding, meaning that you’d benefit from travelling light and exploring before taking the bulk of your luggage into your cabin. This is where the first advantage of suitcase transportation can come in handy – pack a light carry-on bag for the essentials you only need a day before your cruise, then take delivery of your bulky suitcases just before hopping on to the ship for that first glass of champagne.


Many of the best cruises start and end in different ports. For example, you may board in Venice but after an extensive cruise of the Mediterranean, your final port destination may be Istanbul. With most cruises running between seven and 14 days, it’s obvious that you need a full set of luggage and several changes of outfit for the journey. Why not have your luggage sent to meet you as you board, and have a premium luggage delivery service take it from you – washing and all – as soon as you’ve stepped off the boat? An added advantage of this is if you inevitably end up with more luggage than you boarded with – one of the highlights of any cruise is to shop!


The final advantage is that you’re then “luggage free” (read: hassle free!) as you go from ship to plane to home, with none of the stress and aggravation of getting to the airport, checking in heavy bags when you get there, and then dragging the whole lot home. Suitcase transportation means that your bags will be waiting for you when you get home, and your precious souvenirs and duty-free port bargains safe and intact.


Whether you’re a seasoned cruiser or it’s a honeymoon or holiday of a lifetime, having your luggage picked up and delivered makes an already luxurious experience the epitome of a true luxury travel service.

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