Ensure your overseas wedding goes without a hitch

beach wedding tropical paradise
Tropical paradise

It’s not hard to see why many couples choose to get married abroad. Exotic, sun-drenched locations provide the perfect backdrop for photos, and with so many romantic destinations just a plane ride away, there are more and more opportunities to get wed overseas. However, organising a wedding is time-consuming process at the best of times, and if you throw an overseas location into the mix, there are even more things to think about.


One of the primary concerns couples getting married abroad have is ensuring everything turns up on time at the wedding destination. Many of these items aren’t things that can be easily or quickly replaced if they get lost or damaged during transit. They might not just be valuable in monetary terms, but may have huge sentimental meaning, too. Whether it’s the bridal dress, the shoes, borrowed heirloom jewellery or favours for the guests, these items will be the outcome of months of meticulous preparation, and each will play a unique part in creating the right setting and styling on the big day.


With so much riding high on the safe and timely arrival of all your wedding paraphernalia, this has to be one of the most pertinent occasions for using a premium luggage delivery service. Not only will using a suitcase transportation service give you complete peace of mind that everything will arrive when you need it, but it allows you to start your wedding experience as soon as you arrive at the airport, without any worries or stress.

wedding luggage delivery

With many airlines imposing strict baggage restrictions, you may feel that you have to compromise in what you bring with you for your overseas wedding. But why should you have to compromise on the biggest day of your life? When you use a luxury travel service, you can have your wedding exactly how you want it to be, without missing out because of airline weight restrictions or hefty baggage charges.


It’s not just the outbound journey that matters. Making sure your treasured wedding items, and all the beautiful gifts you receive, return home safely and securely will be a huge concern, too. Therefore your best option is to use First Luggage to ensure that you can enjoy your big day without worrying about the problems that come with transporting luggage, leaving you to focus on the things that matter the most.

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