What you need to know…Wimbledon

Wimbledon is one of the most exciting sporting events in the world, and a wonderful excuse to visit beautiful Britain and lovely London. If you’re planning on jetting across the pond to enjoy some tennis this year, you should definitely check out our insider tips to ensure your Wimbledon experience is as awesome as possible.

  1. Dress for comfort

Although the tennis players have to adhere to a strict dress code, spectators don’t, and there aren’t really any rules. You can dress up in smart suits and formal dresses if you wish, but we recommend that you dress for comfort so that you can really focus on the games. Choose outfits which have plenty of layers; British summer weather can be unpredictable and you should be prepared for both blazing sunshine and pouring rain.

  1. Be reserved with cheering and heckling – Unlike baseball, basketball, soccer and football, tennis is generally a rather quiet, reserved sport, particularly at Wimbledon. It is generally acceptable to offer encouraging cheers and claps when your favourite players do well, but you should avoid heckling their opponents and should never celebrate errors or faults, even if it puts your star player ahead.
  2. Don’t keep rogue tennis balls as souvenirs – The Wimbledon shop offers used balls for purchase, so you should never aim to hold on to a ball that lands in the crowd. If you do manage to catch it or it lands near you, throw it back to a ball boy or girl during a moment when play is stopped.
  3. Travel light throughout bustling London – People flock to London from all over the world during Wimbledon season and throughout the summer, so be prepared for the city to be incredibly busy. Travelling via the tube (also known as the London Underground) is usually the most convenient option, but it can be very cramped and particularly unpleasant if you have lots of luggage with you. First Luggage’s convenient luggage delivery service will certainly save you a great deal of stress when travelling to and from the airport if you plan to use public transport.
  4. Know the rules on bringing your own food and drink – Refreshments inside the tennis club are really expensive and there are often large queues for restaurants. To avoid the crowds and save a few pounds you can take a picnic, but it must be contained within one bag per person no bigger than 40 x 30 x 30cm. You can’t take hard-sided bags like picnic hampers or cool boxes either. Alcohol is permitted but restricted to two 500ml cans or one bottle of wine each. However, we really recommend you try a good old fashioned Pimms and lemonade, adorned with plenty of fresh fruit, which you’ll be able to buy from bars throughout the grounds.
  5. DON’T head for The Wimbledon Tennis Club – Believe it or not, the venue called The Wimbledon Tennis Club is not actually where Wimbledon takes place. Nearby is the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club, which is much larger, grander and where all the Wimbledon action occurs. If in any doubt, just look out for the queues and you’ll find the right place!  Oh and most people head for Southfields tube and walk, not Wimbledon (although there is a shuttle bus service from there).

    This is what you're looking for!
    This is what you’re looking for!
  6. Don’t worry if you don’t have a ticket – Most tickets are allocated in advance via a ballot system.  However, a certain proportion are left behind on the day to be sold to the queueing public.  Tickets are also handed back when people leave so more can be allowed in.  Locals know that particularly in the first week of the tournament, heading down after work to catch the last couple of hours play can mean you catch some great tennis on some of the outer courts as the qualifying games are played in preparation for the bigger games in the second week.

For more official information head to: https://www.wimbledon.com/index.html

Thousands of bags lost at UK airports in the last 5 years

Thousands of passengers have complained to the UK’s airport watchdog about lost or damaged luggage over the last five years.

A freedom of information request to the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) last month showed there were nearly 1,500 complaints from disgruntled customers; with Birmingham and Heathrow airports faring particularly badly. In fact, when the data is broken down, it shows that passengers were more than 10 times more likely to suffer lost luggage when travelling through the airport at Birmingham compared to another regional site in Bristol.

By the same comparison, losing something was seven times more likely at the world’s busiest airport, London Heathrow. 

It is believed this may only be a small insight into the problem, as most people will complain directly to their airline, not to the industry regulator. According to the airlines they are not responsible for baggage handling; it’s dealt with by third party subcontractors. They do, however, take responsibility for losses and will process compensation claims. 

The CAA report also named the companies most likely to be subject to lost luggage complaints travelling into the UK; namely Emirates then British Airways and Turkish Airways, with Ryanair and EasyJet not far behind. Similar research in the US found that ExpressJet Airlines, American Airlines, Skywest Airlines, Hawaiian Airlines and Southwest were most likely to let your luggage go astray.

heathrow lost luggage
Heathrow Terminal 5 – You are 7 times more likely to lose your luggage here

The most common reasons for loss or damage to cases are: illegible routing labels which may be torn or badly printed during check in and transport; jet-lagged customers passing through the airport without collecting their belongings; errors made in entering the destination code during check in; or bags being loaded on to the wrong plane due to human error.

In the face of spiralling complaints, smart customers are exploring other options for taking their luggage on holiday; such as premium luggage delivery services which offer suitcase transportation. This solution also helps cost-conscious travellers to avoid baggage charges.

 If you want to be sure your goods don’t face the roulette of airport baggage handling, First Luggage will collect and transport your precious packing then deliver directly to your destination, so it arrives before you do.


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